Our Partners

PM Spirits is an independent artisanal spirits importer-distributor based in Brooklyn. We believe in spirits made by artisans who are passionately dedicated to their craft, show respect to their terroir, and interfere in production as little as possible.

Above all else, we believe spirits are more than commodities and are authentic expressions of place, communicating the stories of the people who produce them and the traditions of the surrounding area.

We are delighted to be a part of Tiptree World Bread Awards USA showcasing the Paul-Marie & Fils, JEP #01, Pineau des Charentes, simply served served over ice and topped with club soda, and Nouaison Gin by G’Vine, a wonderfully rounded, grape-based gin from France’s Cognac region.

Website: www.pmspirits.com
Twitter: @PMspirits
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