1. American Bakers Association Sourdough

    Traditional bread made with a starter of a small amount of dough in which fermentation is active


  2. Ciabatta

    Moist Italian bread made with oil which has large air holes


  3. Gluten Free

    Bread of any variety, but must be made with gluten-free flour and gluten-free yeast


  4. Baguette

    Bread baked into a long, thin loaf. A traditional baguette has a crispy brown crust and a light, chewy interior


  5. Focaccia

    Flat, oven-baked Italian bread


  6. Bagel

    A ring of yeasted wheat dough, with a brown exterior and chewy interior


  7. Speciality - Sweet

    An open category for you to show us your own unique sweet creations


  8. Speciality - Savoury

    An open category for you to show us your own savoury favourites


  9. Challah

    Traditional Jewish enriched plaited loaf


  10. American Bakers Association Wholewheat/Wholemeal

    Brown bread made from wholegrain flour


  11. Pretzel

    Baked bread, both hard and soft-baked pretzels


  12. The Tiptree Showstopper USA

    For the best and most creative bread using a Tiptree product as an ingredient. For stockists please visit


  13. Home-Baker

    Brown or white, fruit or plain, whatever takes your fancy. Entrants to this category must be considered amateur bakers according to the Rules of Entry and the use of bread machines is not permitted

    Note: The winner of the Home-Baker category is not eligible for the overall title of Tiptree World Bread Awards USA


    PLEASE NOTE: Baked pastries and goods often referred to as Viennoise are not eligible for these Awards.

    Such items are usually made from laminated and enriched (with eggs, milk, butter, cream, sugar) yeast leavened dough or pastry. Examples include croissants, pain au chocolat, pain aux raisins, Danish pastries