Winner 2018 Table Loaf
Produced by Sarah Owens

Category Winners 2018

SourdoughProduced by
WinnerPane PuglieseGrandaisy Bakery
Runner-UpLithuanian Rye BreadLithuanian Bake T.J. Inc.
CiabattaProduced by
WinnerCiabatta GrandeGrandaisy Bakery
Runner-UpMediterranean ciabattaThe Dinex Group
Gluten FreeProduced by
WinnerRye-less Rye Buckwheat Sourdough LoafVegan Mario's
Runner-UpLa Brea Bakery Gluten Free White Sandwich Loaf SlicedARYZTA, LLC
BaguetteProduced by
WinnerBaguette traditionnelleChoc O Pain, French Bakery and Café
Runner-UpTraditional BaguetteRunner & Stone
Tiptree ShowstopperProduced by
Winner Earl Grey Rose ChallahNomad Bakery
Speciality SweetProduced by
WinnerOrange Spelt LoafHigh Street on Market
Runner-UpBrioche feuilletéeThe Dinex Group
Speciality SavoryProduced by
WinnerAllium BouleHigh Street on Market
Runner-UpHeritage Parmesan PopoversHeritage Bakers
FocacciaProduced by
WinnerPizza BiancaGrandaisy Bakery
Runner-UpFocacciaThe Dinex Group
BagelProduced by
WinnerHeritage BagelHeritage Bakers
Runner-UpSourdough BagelBread & Roses Brooklyn
ChallahProduced by
WinnerChallahLiv Breads
Runner-UpHoney ChallahNomad Bakery
Wholewheat / WholemealProduced by
WinnerTable LoafSarah Owens
Runner-UpOlive Whole WheatLiv Breads
PretzelProduced by
WinnerPretzelThe Dinex Group
Runner-UpIllanka Sourdough PretzelHigh Street on Market
Best British-inspired BreadProduced by
WinnerJuniper Tea & Fig LoafHigh Street on Market
Runner-UpHeritage PopoversHeritage Bakers

Awards 2018

SourdoughLOAFProduced by
GoldPane PuglieseGrandaisy Bakery
GoldLithuanian Rye BreadLithuanian Bake T.J. Inc.
GoldPain de campagneThe Dinex Group
GoldLenore's Spelt LevainBread & Roses Brooklyn
GoldKalamata Olive LevainPhoenix Bakehouse
SilverPain aux céréales - 5 grain sourdoughChoc O Pain, French Bakery and Café
SilverHigh Street Country LoafHigh Street on Market
CiabattaLOAFProduced by
SilverCiabatta GrandeGrandaisy Bakery
SilverMediterranean ciabattaThe Dinex Group
BaguetteLOAFProduced by
GoldBaguette traditionnelleChoc O Pain, French Bakery and Café
GoldTraditional BaguetteRunner & Stone
BronzeTraditionThe Dinex Group
BronzeNoble Cheddar Spelt BaguetteHigh Street on Market
Speciality SavoryLOAFProduced by
GoldAllium BouleHigh Street on Market
SilverHeritage Parmesan PopoversHeritage Bakers
FocacciaLOAFProduced by
GoldPizza BiancaGrandaisy Bakery
SilverFocacciaThe Dinex Group
BagelLOAFProduced by
GoldHeritage BagelHeritage Bakers
ChallahLOAFProduced by
GoldChallahLiv Breads
SilverHoney ChallahNomad Bakery
SilverThree seeds challahThe Dinex Group
Wholewheat / WholemealLOAFProduced by
GoldTable LoafSarah Owens
SilverOlive Whole WheatLiv Breads
SilverRussian RyeBread & Roses Brooklyn
SilverHeritage Whole WheatHeritage Bakers
SilverMicheLa Boulangerie de Francois
SilverPane Sette GraniGrandaisy Bakery
BronzeHerb Crusted MicheHigh Street on Market
BronzeWholegrainThe Dinex Group
BronzeLa Brea Bakery Italian 5 GrainARYZTA, LLC
BronzeSpelt 100%La Boulangerie de Francois
BronzeLimpaBread & Roses Brooklyn
PretzelLOAFProduced by
GoldPretzelThe Dinex Group
Best British-inspired BreadLOAFProduced by
GoldJuniper Tea & Fig LoafHigh Street on Market