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Special Awards

This year, we are delighted to expand our Heroes search. We want to hear about not only our regional Bread Heroes, but we will also be giving out some very special awards. The winners of these awards will be drawn from all our nominees across the nation.


Tiptree Outstanding Achievement Award

This Award is for the nominee who most demonstrates quality, integrity, innovation and authenticity in their business and business practice

 IBIE Innovation

This Award will be for the nominee who has shown true innovation over the past year – innovation in its broadest sense. Whether in the field of new products, new business practice, or new activities, the Award will celebrate creativity in any aspect relating to the entire production process and delivery of bread to the consumer


Brook Bake Dream Team

This Award is for the team that has demonstrated the greatest commitment as a team, both to other team members and also to those in the community they have been supporting.

The winners of the Brook Bake Dream Team Award will receive a $500 voucher to spend on Brook Bake equipment.


Sustainability Hero

This Award is for the nominee who has truly embedded sustainability into their business, by showing how they have benefited both the environment and society

Home Baker Hero

This Award will be presented to a nominee who is not operating commercially/does not sell their bread who the judges feel has gone the extra mile to support their community, promote a sense of togetherness and make a difference