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Bakery Global is very proud to be a partner with Tiptree World Bread Awards  USA & UK

Competitions are not only to celebrate the skills of our trade at their most diverse and inspiring, but also seek to encourage and foster the art of the industry both now and well into the future.

For a professional, having the opportunity of taking part in competitions is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious acknowledgements of their career. Having the courage to put oneself and the skills built up through time to the test is a great sign of professionalism.

Tiptree World Bread Awards inspire and create awareness of our industry in the best viable way.

Bakery Global online magazine features articles on winners of Tiptree World Bread Awards UK & USA.

Please visit www.bakeryglobal.com to see articles on winners of all bakery competitions on a global scale.

Website: www.bakeryglobal.com