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Stephane Grattier, Boulangerie Christophe

Overall and Northeast Tiptree World Bread Awards Hero USA supported by the American Bakers Association

Stephane Grattier is the lead baker at Boulangerie Christophe in Georgetown, Washington D.C.

When COVID-related home-confinement started in Georgetown on March 13th, nominator Fabienne Chatain immediately received a call from Stephane who was worried about the elderly and disabled in the DC community who were restricted in accessing food and necessities. “I connected Stephane with a program established by Ward 4 Council Member Brandon Todd to distribute food to elderly and disabled individuals who were home-confined. Every morning I would pick up no less than 30 loaves of bread to distribute to those in need. Stephane would not give me left over loaves but made sure they were freshly baked. Often they were still warm when I would pick them up.” said Fabienne.

Less than a week into the programme, Stephane decided that bread was not enough and that full meals should be distributed. He contacted a chef to help him with preparing the meals but unfortunately he was unable to commit. That did not stop Stephane however. He took it upon himself to go to work even earlier than usual (earlier than 4 am) and prepared the meals himself. Soon enough, Fabienne was not only picking up 30 loaves of breads every day, but also 30 full, healthy meals to distribute. She received so many compliments on the quality of the bread and the meals as a feedback.

All this time, Stephane had a full-time job at the bakery and yet he never failed to provide the loaves and meals seven days a week until the programme was phased out on June 30th.

Stephane became an Ambassador of French bread and meals in a neighborhood where poverty is rampant, baking elaborate loaves with expensive organic flour. He simply wanted the best quality for the people he selflessly served.

For Stephane, who came to the USA only a few years ago, helping others is second nature. He has done more for his community than many who were born and grew up there. In a personal letter of thanks to Stephane, Council Member, Brandon Todd wrote, “Due to your generosity and commitment to our community, we were able to deliver over 16,000 meals to Ward 4 residents in need. Your contributions have bettered the lives of countless neighbors and for that, I am forever grateful.”

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