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Guy Frenkel, Cast Your Bread

Tiptree Outstanding Achievement Award, IBIE Innovation Award and West Tiptree World Bread Awards Hero USA supported by IBIE

When COVID-19 hit, Guy Frenkel was sitting on 400 pounds of flour. Rather than stockpile grains, he started baking for people in need.

Guy was born and raised in Israel and moved to the USA when 23. By profession he is a Los Angeles based filmmaker which means he has lots of 'off-time' that gives him the opportunity to gather hobbies. Over the years there have been a few, mostly home-based - a backyard gardener, freshwater fisherman and baker.

Guy is, by his own admission, a serious and big-time geek. Before even considering making his first loaf he fully immersed himself into learning and trying to understand every detail of the science and craft of bread-making. He read books, articles, asked 100's of questions and challenged the scientific community.

He started baking sourdough loaves in his kitchen at home until his wife banished him to a shed in the garden! Whilst understanding the science, Guy's approach to bread-making pushed traditional boundaries and he has been described as 'the Hollywood wizard of bread”. His picture-perfect, wildly-colored sourdough loaves made with ancient grains are celebrated for their visual appeal as well as their culinary flair.

When the pandemic hit he started baking bread for local charities that had set up food distribution and grocery bag giveaways for those in need and particularly those heavily impacted by the pandemic. He named the cause 'Cast Your Bread' and started to reach out to local home bakers, rallying them together and arranging drop-offs at his home so that he could gather up the donated loaves from bakers all over LA and take them to the charities.

The movement grew and quickly gained traction. Word spread to other regions, inspiring bakers to set up offshoots of the charity in Baltimore, New Jersey, Spokane, and even overseas in Israel.

“I’m just trying to make it as easy as possible for everybody to bake, give, and lead others to more giving. I am in constant wonder of the generosity and the commitment our bakers and chapter leaders have shown in these hard times” says Guy.

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