Food is GREAT

From farm to fork, at every stage of the food chain the UK is creating exceptional food and drink that’s landing on dinner plates around the world.

In just ten years, global demand for UK food and drink has grown nearly a third and our exports are worth over £20bn, providing unprecedented opportunities for UK exporters, international buyers and international investors.

UK food and drink is of exceptional quality and offers international buyers and investors genuine products they can trust. Our unique food culture, modernised and crafted for contemporary tastes, has captured the imagination of buyers and consumers around the world.

From England to Scotland and from Northern Ireland to Wales, the UK is renowned not only for its exciting and diverse regional cuisine but for its innovation in food and drink. With thousands new food and drink products launched to market each year, UK manufacturers are not afraid to push the boundaries of food production and adapt to diverse audiences and changing tastes.

From developing new technologies to prolong the shelf life of food to creating new free-from products, UK-based companies make the most of our world-renowned science and thrive in this innovative environment.

The Food is GREAT campaign is a government initiative to support UK food and drink exports and to increase positive public perception and demand of UK food and drink around the world.


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